Zach Hurd. Real. Pure.

Fourculture loves Zach Hurd and we think you should too but, if you already adore him then you’re ahead of the fabulousity curve! His songs are pure. His music is real. You hear the song, find the lyrics, read/listen, listen/read and find that one moment that makes it personal to you. As you read this, Zach is squirrelled away at THUMP Studios in Brooklyn recording his new album. Fourculture wants you to know about an awesome opportunity to help out this incredible singer/songwriter release what he feels is his best music to date. Zach’s Kickstarter campaign is underway and includes great perks like exclusive downloads, handwritten lyrics  and the chance to pen a song together.  Click the link, give what you can, and check back here often for Zach Hurd in an upcoming issue of Fourculture!

Zach Hurd’s Kickstarter:

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Zach Hurd on the web: 

— felicia c waters | @feefeelarue


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