Yoshi Flower releases “Brown Paper Bag”

It’s always interesting when an artist throws several genres into the mixing bowl to see what emerges.  It doesn’t always work but it’s far more exciting to play with ingredients and boundaries than to release something bland and predictable.

Fresh from performing at Lollapalooza, Yoshi Flower celebrates signing with Interscope records with this new single, “Brown Paper Bag” – a blend of trap, R&B, hip hop, and rock.  In it you can hear elements of Drake, The Weeknd and Lenny Kravitz yet ultimately it also sounds like none of these artists.

Bookended by chilled guitar, the song’s core sound is a seductive driving electronic drone which is offset by bursts of harsh hip hop delivery and laid back rock star guitar.  Like many of the best songs it leaves you wondering how you really feel about it yet you clamour for more…just to make sure.

“This one is for freedom, sonically and all else. The beginning of the new alternative,” says the Detroit artist.  “We think the things that matter to us are the superficial things…our phones, our cars, our clothes. Things that we believe give us serenity, they are fleeting and damaging to our psyche and environment. But when you think about what really gets you through this life it is the little things. For me, it is a brown paper bag. It held my lunch when I was bullied, it holds my 40oz and more when I want to get high, it helps me breathe and calms me down when life gets too lifey.”

In a year that has also seen him release debut single “Movies” and collaborate with friend (and roommate) Elohim, he’s continuing to keep busy by spending October on the road with Whethan.

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