Where Are the Lizards? – This Isn’t Jurassic Music

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Mr. Kito is the solo project of Eric Michot, a French multi-instrumentalist living in Cape Town South Africa. His EP Where Are The Lizards on Presence Records, is trippy and complex nugget of joy. Layers of drums, unexpected harmonies and guitars are melded into a sound that is not your average listen. That is what makes this record pretty awesome; the unexpectedness of the music. It draws you in and forces you to actually listen. There’s no formula here. It’s a feeling of pure “hey that sounds cool” let’s build on that vibe, and build he does. It’s pretty awesome to come across an artist that can surprise you, especially when you live in the formulaic world of trite over produced crap we’re force fed daily. Where Are The Lizards is a cool EP. Step outside your box and try it on. Mr. Kito will be happy, I’ll be happy and so will you!

Mr. Kito on the web:
www.mrkito.co.za |  Twitter  |  Facebook  | YouTube  |  Soundcloud  |  Bandcamp 

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