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WATERSA few months ago I stumbled on a video by this quirky band from San Francisco, Waters. The video was for “I Feel Everything” and after the first play I was hooked. This week they have released their new LP, What’s Real on Vagrant Records.

Van Pierszalowski put this band together in 2011 in Oslo, then came to the states to make magic and dazzle the babies. He drew from the music and bands of the 90’s that turned him on and after 15 months, What’s Real has come forth. These songs could be dismissed as trite alt-pop nuggets, but the reality is they are sonic, beautifully written chunks of love.

There are 11 songs on this beauty, “Inside My Room” has a Pixies feel to it without the staccato flow. A quiet song, that speaks of isolating oneself away from others which for so many is so real. “Breakdown” and “Green Eyes” damaged love and relationships. ‘I Feel Everything’, ‘Got to My Head’ and ‘Over It’ are strong, hooky gems. All lyrically relatable and so listenable.

I am so madly in love with Waters I can’t even deal. I have been jib jabbing about this band since my first listen, and I urge you to get What’s Real in whatever form you choose as soon as possible since it’s available at all the usual suspects. Put the needle on the record, so to speak and let these magical makers of music and teller of stories feed your soul. It is a super win for all the babies.

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