Art, music, literature and compelling societal views that live outside of the box: these are the four pillars of culture that create the world we live in. Fourculture brings to light artists of all mediums.

Fourculture was created by The Artist D, Ann Marie, and Paula on a hot summer night in 2012. Over the next ten years they built a team to unearth the underground and showcase some of the best artists out there.

Fourculture published 23 high-quality magazine issues, posted 1,820 pieces by 31 authors and many more contributors. Fourculture Radio broadcasted around the world 24/7 for almost the entirety of the project. It produced several LIVE talk radio broadcasts and streaming music shows. Fourculture has also created three livestreaming series on YouTube. One of which was FourThought, a scandalous talk show with up to 8 hosts at a time which ended in a lot of hilarious on-camera train wrecks.

Fourculture closed its doors on the last day of Summer in 2022, ten years after they began. This is now our archive.


The Artist D is Executive Editor of Fourculture Magazine
Executive Editor


The Artist D has been performing online since the mid 1990’s; a relic from the cam show age before social networking was a network, advocate for the rights of the underground, author, painter, columnist, raconteur, provocateur and host of Kawfeehaus, a weekly podcast with Fourculture’s Creative Director Ann Marie. D has always been catering to the freaks, geeks and black sheep of society, he makes the extraterrestrials of culture feel right at home on Planet Earth.

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Creative Director & Kitten Herder
Creative Director & Kitten Herder


Ann Marie likes to make things pretty. This award-winning designer loves to lose herself in the creative process and is psyched to work alongside the crazy cool individuals who fuel her artistic fire. When she’s not watching cat videos, Ann Marie is most content listening to new music and consuming salt & vinegar chips. She writes occasionally and is a fierce twitter connoisseur. Ann Marie also hosts the weekly podcast, Kawfeehaus, with The Artist D.

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Paula Frank is Managing Editor of Fourculture Magazine
Managing Editor


Writer, painter, music lover, dreamer; Paula’s ever-changing Pisces spirit rolls with whatever the tides bring her. Constantly in pursuit of the beauty of art in all its forms, she pours her love for human connections into everything she does, be it writing fiction, interviewing her favorite musicians and artists, painting an emotion, or sharing time with the people she loves. This small town girl has great big dreams and strives to make them reality. She is thrilled to offer them to you, the readers and fellow dreamers. After all, what good are dreams with no one to share them?

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Music Editor


As a lover of music, cats and chocolate it was inevitable that Paul would end up writing for us. A tireless singer/songwriter from the UK with a tiresome number of music projects, his worrying knowledge of the 80s and the evolution of crisps and confectionery (or chips and candy for our US readers) has seen him both gain jobs and lose friends.

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NOH8 photo


Marguerite is passionate about words. When not with her 3 boys, she will inevitably be found either reading or writing; always with her latest, favorite music playing on repeat. An inveterate and insatiable researcher (some might say obsessive), she loves using her mad skills for finding the obscure to share her passion for art, music, and words. She also loves bold coffee and dark chocolate.

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Editorial & Radio Host
Editorial & Radio Host


Mike Stanton is a writer, producer and broadcaster. He is also a music obsessive and according to a speech given by his best man on his wedding day, a music snob. He likes heavy electronics, samplers, sequencers and underground noise.  Mike is fully housetrained and can be very excitable. He would benefit from a family that could help manage his play time and encourage him to relax when the time is right. Prefers to be the only dog in the home. Catch his radio show The Jupiter Room on Thursdays where he showcases the most exciting new, unsigned and underground bands and artists out there.

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“You have to hear this song” is a phrase you’ll often hear from Derek. His fierce music obsession began at a young age, an age when playlists were captured on cassette off the radio. As a writer, Derek has been sharing his stories since he was old enough to hold a pencil, which is a big deal since he really dislikes pencils. Today, you can find Derek scouring the web for fresh sounds that both inspire and entertain. Sometimes he takes breaks for coffee and sleep.

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Mark Simpson hails from a small bluey green planet from the Milky Way Galaxy. He is the fourth failed attempt at a daughter by a loving couple that took doctors and nurses so seriously as to actually be them. Brought up on his elder brothers’ musical influences of seventies metal and prog rock, he discovered he was a completely different blood group from his siblings, which allowed his ears to wander off in many and varied directions. This did nothing for his looks but it provided some wonderful sonic sustenance that has soundtracked his life ever since. Although having an ongoing battle with Fate in keeping loved ones on a corporeal plane, he continues to throw words and tunes together in the hope that the mixture should be heavy enough to bruise Fate’s foot if they land in the right place.

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Nadia Says has an eye for trends and broad tastes in music, art, fashion, cinema and TV all the way from France, the UK, Germany or the USA to Japan and back. She has edited for several print and online publications in French or English, she does PR/marketing consulting and organises cultural & music events for Berlin-based platform Your Mom’s Agency.

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Josh Valley is an Earthling, though he wishes he were from the same planet that gave us David Bowie. He currently lives in the frozen Northern US in a city with colder temperatures than Antarctica, and enjoys compiling large and detailed internet rants about his collection of random obsessions and bizarre interests.

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Adam D is a musician and writer at Fourculture Magazine


Adam is approximately one half of Photostat Machine. They are a synthpop duo hailing from York, England. When not working on devastatingly handsome pop tunes or writing, you can find him hunkered over a cup of coffee. He likes to smile but isn’t that fond of talking about himself in the third person. “So I’ll stop there,” he added.

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Felecia at Fourculture Magazine
Editorial & Radio Host

Felicia Waters

Born and raised in NYC, she began her lifelong love affair with music the moment she first heard T Rex. Throughout her life music has always been there … the steadfast fiend with no judgement, always accepting. It nourishes, it angers, it heals and it makes you feel embraced. It is a part of her just as a limb or a lung. If she can bring any of those feelings to people through her writing, not only does she feel she’s done her job, she feels like she’s given them a gift.

Felicia passed away on May 31, 2015.

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Darya Teesewell


Darya Teesewell has been a lot of things, often simultaneously. She’s spent years working in the velvet prison of the Los Angeles movie biz, but nothing is below her line, because she hates lines. Darya travels freely from gender to gender and had made her living as a cinematographer, a writer, a teacher, a shop girl, a union organizer, and she’s ridden in Angelyne’s pink corvette. Oh, does she have a tale to tell.

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Frank Cotolo is a writer at Fourculture Magazine


Known for his comedic acumen, Cotolo has made his living as a writer and a performer all of his life and during the lives of others. He is the author of the novel License to Skill and has co-authored its screenplay version, Molotov Memoirs, a collection of short stories. The Complete and Unabridged History of Japan, an epic novel, and a serious novella, Sweet Shephered. Frank Cotolo was born in Brooklyn and has worked in broadcasting, film, theater, music and television. He is currently the host of Cotolo Chronicles, one of the Internet’s first live broadcast radio shows.

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Fourculture Magazine


Many have contributed over our ten years. Here are links to some more of our authors.

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