We’re Ruined! Bitter Ruined!

Bitter Ruin is back with two new releases for your soul.  The first, released last Friday and entitled Rubble, is a welcome spot of beauty in our current landscape.  The duo of Georgia Train and Ben Richards are coming out of the woodwork with musical guns blazing.  As if it were possible the second single, Blood Blue, hits just as strongly as the first (ok….I‘ll admit, I like it a teensy bit more). With luscious musical backdrops behind the soothing and powerful punch of their voices, Bitter Ruin bring all the chills and emotions straight to the surface in the best possible way.  I’ll also admit I got a little teary-eyed watching the past 10 years of memories in the video they put together for Blood Blue, like seeing home videos of dear friends you haven’t seen in a while.  We’ve grown, we’ve changed, life has happened, but we still love you Bitter Ruin!

Rubble and Blood Blue are both available now for purchase on Bandcamp. Support the arts! You can also find them on streaming services.

Sidenote:  Georgia Train also has a solo album available now for preorder.  Just saying.

Bitter Ruin on the web:
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Georgia Train on the web
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