Wednesday catch up – Elle Watson, MIYNT, Eriel Indigo,

So much music, so little time.  Remember all those friends you haven’t seen in a while?  In a haze of promised catch-ups you realise that months have passed by before you know it.

Here are some ‘old friends’ of ours… Artists that we told you about a while ago and have kept an eye on since to see how they are getting on.  Let’s have a nice cup of something warm, and see what’s been going down:


Elle Watson – Phantom

You may recall we introduced Elle Watson to you back in January with the release of her debut, “Body”… Well, she has just release her latest song, “Phantom”, a murky, textured RnB slab which the Sevenoaks singer says is about ‘a feeling that cant be described, but something you cant ignore’. Elle Watson on Facebook 

MIYNT – After the Gold Rush

Stockholm artist MIYNT caught our attention last year with her intriguing debut “Nick Drake”.  Now she’s back with a ballsier sound on her latest song which was released yesterday.  It has a seductive Lana Del Rey air but with the added surprise of glam-fuzz, stomping guitar and a dash of almost Mike Garson-esque piano.  MIYNT on Facebook


Eriel Indigo – Born an Angel

It was only March when we wrote about the ‘glitter pop-noir’ of Eriel Indigo’s debut EP, Elevate.  The LA artist is already back with a new single and it’s just as cosmic as you’d expect with stuttering attitude and moreish, spacey synths.  And it’s free to download.  Eriel Indigo on Facebook

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