Vilde releases “Flash in the Pan”

Credit: Elin Ghersinich

When left alone in dark underground caverns it’s sensible to have a torch and a map with you to help with the journey.  Of course, this is obvious and it explains why the most popular music is often the most predictable – you can see in advance where it is going and that is comforting.  Sometimes though it’s far more interesting and challenging to have the torch and map taken away from us and this is where Vilde comes in.

His new single “Flash in the Pan” leads us by the hand into a labyrinthine art-pop world which sees us scrabbling around in the dark, trying to get a sense of direction.  It’s an innovative opus of hypnotic off-kilter synths and restless rhythms that don’t allow you to settle.  With so many layers, any feelings that it may start to make sense soon fade as the song drifts off into another realm with no obvious light at the end of the tunnel.

Being Stockholm-based, there are snippets of Scandinavian style synth pop and some aspects echoing the work of The Knife and Mew with similarly accented drawled sentences left hanging between lines.

Vilde is ex-Kins frontman Thomas Savage and this abstract teaser from forthcoming album Thud is a bold advance on last year’s Study/Dance collection.  There’s an admirable attention to detail here that is explained by a renewed energy in his songwriting approach. I’d lost touch with the concept of work ethic in music,’ he says.  ‘I felt an urge to prove to myself that I could actually commit to something and follow it through’

Thud will be released on 13 July.

Vilde on the web:

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