Video Premiere: Trevor Green’s Voice of the Wind

trevor green 2Trevor Green today releases a brand new video for the first and title track taken from his new album Voice of the Wind.

It’s stunning both visually and musically and Trevor was also co-director alongside Lance Page.

“‘Voice of the Wind’ is a song written to honor the stories and lives of our ancestors past, present and future.” he says.  “It brings forward the message that we are all one people, connected beyond our physical world.”

Certainly the diverse cast of faces, their stories clearly told within the high definition lines on their faces, adds to the already emotional journey painted through the music and lyrics.  There’s an ethnic undertone beyond the folk as the visuals take in the beauty, the elements, feelings, life.  The song builds into a soft, mystical, almost chant-like beauty.  It’s a song for the campfire or for the car stereo.

Director Lance Page describes the song as having “a powerful message of human connectedness, fragility and loss.”

“With the official music video, we wanted to transcend these themes by combining up close, real human emotions with a dreamy and spiritual journey through the forest.” he added.

Trevor’s goal behind the making of the video was  “to bring light to the beauty that is in all of us and shows an up close look at how we are all unique to our own story, yet at the same time a part of something much larger and familiar…the human experience. I feel the expression of one’s emotions and self has the power to heal…”

Voice of the Wind is available now.

Trevor Green on the web:
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