Video Premiere: “Then OK” by Julia Nunes

imageJulia Nunes may have started her music career as a ukulele-playing, cover-song singing, video-posting YouTube sensation, but she has long since become a successful singer/songwriter and indie recording artist. Nunes released her latest full-length indie-pop album, Some Feelings, on September 25th and today, Fourculture is proud to premiere the acoustic video of Nunes’ single, “Then OK.”

With its intricate rhythms and polished “full-band” sounding production, Some Feelings has a very different vibe from the acoustic YouTube videos Nunes’ fans know and love. But with every track, the album remains true to the deeply honest and emotional songwriting that is Nunes’ calling card.  Some Feelings chronicles Nunes’ personal journey through the aftermath of a bad break-up to a place of healing, hope, and new love. Her single, “Then OK,” is a sad reflection on those moments when you’re willing to accept the meager affections of an (ex)lover, rather than face moving on and never touching them again. The restrained, stripped back, acoustic performance of the song on the video (below) is a particularly poignant rendition — the melancholy of Nunes’ lyrics mirrored in the sonic expression of emptiness wrought by needing someone far more than they need you.

Some Feelings was produced by Joanna Katcher at Nice Manners in LA. According to Nunes, there are music videos, acoustic sessions, and a fully acoustic version of the album in the works, so be sure to follow at the links below to stay up to date.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Julia also has a Living Room Tour in the works.  Check out the dates below:
11.29 Buffalo, NY
11.30 Syracuse, NY
12.2 Portland, ME
12.3 Mansfield, CT
12.4 Brooklyn, NY
12.5 Berwyn, PA
12.6 Columbia, MD
12.7 Washington, DC
12.9 Salem, NC
12.10 Charlotte, NC
12.15 Wilmington, NC
12.16 Winchester, VA
12.17 Rockville, MD
12.18 Newark, DE
12.19 New York, NY
12.21 Arlington, MA
12.22 Rochester, NY

Click here for tickets!

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  • Julia doesn’t really use a pick to play aormnye and she just went on tour and was on Connan O’Brian. She has gotten a lot better playing and singing.I really wish you would add some of her more recent songs to the site because I LOVE them and really want to learn to play them since I already know all the lyrics 😛

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