Vanbot’s New Video: ‘The Way You Say It’

photo by Sara Arnald
photo by Sara Arnald

Ester Ideskog, the Swedish electronica artist also known as Vanbot, released a new music video for her latest single, “The Way You Say It.” It is the second single off her sophomore album, The Perfect Storm – a sublime collection of electro-pop tracks with rich dark electronic tones, club elements, and dance beats produced and mixed by Johannes Berglund (The Knife, I Break Horses).

“The Way You Say It” is a euphoric, synth-drenched track about the consequences of empty words. The video (directed by Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson) follows an uncomfortable love story through its different phases. Using lighting, costume, and dance, it shows how a relationship grows cold when people stop talking about the things that matter. From a naked body wrapped in fog and darkness, to a flowing figure in a transparent outfit, to a woman with armor-like clothing and a defensive posture, the video is a visual portrayal contrasting naked vulnerability and strength within a relationship.

On the subjects of vulnerability and strength, Vanbot has a bit of personal experience. Dissatisfied with a previous album, she scrapped it in its entirety shortly before its scheduled release.  And when she eventually went back into the studio she took a new direction, pushing outside her sonic comfort zone and experimenting with new beats, effects, and a darker sound. With the release of The Perfect Storm, Vanbot came back harder and stronger than ever, and her latest video only continues to prove that in the crowded field of Swedish Pop music, hers is a talent worthy of notice.

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