Up! All Night | Coffee & Cactus Cams

In this week’s Up! All Night … The Artist D & Ann Marie discuss the need for a good latte and if cactus cameras are infringing upon our personal freedoms. Residents of an Arizona town are scanning everyone’s license plate inconspicuously. What’s the point?

Ann Marie discovers what a real cactus looks like and Artist D realizes New York City isn’t the meat packing district of ’81. They’re unearthing the underground in another episode which you must eavesdrop in on. Including their favorite I CANT segment featuring an idiot calling the cops on a stuffed tiger.

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The Artist D has been performing online since the mid 1990’s; a relic from the cam show age before social networking was a network, advocate for the rights of the underground, author, painter, columnist, raconteur, and provocateur. Catering to the freaks, geeks and black sheep of society, he makes the extraterrestrials of culture feel right at home on Planet Earth.

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