Ultra Violent Rays do Vegas

Ultra Violent Rays are a Goth pop duo floating out of Los Angeles who are dropping the single ‘Vegas’  into the hungry mouths of all the Goth babies.

This song is super cool. I picture Azrael Abyss, Prince of Sorrows, sitting in the basement with this on repeat. All obscure references aside, this cut has teeth. It’s slightly gloomy with enough of a back beat to keep it modern and relevant. The music is tight, layered and interesting, and the vocals of Cooper Gillespie are the perfect combination of diabolical sweetness.

Kind of Madonna-esque in timbre, minus the nasal auto tune, it is well worth checking out. I have no basement to sit in but listen on repeat I did because it suited my current mood to a tee.

Ultra Violent Rays online:
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(Photo credit: Nicholas Iverson)

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