Two for Thursday: MUTO ft. Deutsch Duke | AyOwA

We had guitars on Tuesday, now for a pairing of essential electronic pop from Australian producer, MUTO and Danish duo, AyOwA



MUTO ft Deutsch Duke – “Wildfire”

23 year old artist MUTO is gaining some heat and you can see why with his irresistible new single “Wildfire”.  Beginning with muffled electronic drums it goes from minimal to massive in the blink of an eye becoming a kaleidoscope of electropop colour.  If that’s not big enough then it also has elements of trap, funk and soul grooves thrown in for good measure.

“Wildfire is inspired by the loss of a loved one,” says MUTO.  “but beyond that, it’s about that person living within you and driving you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”  The cinematic video was shot on the Isle of Wight, and looks at choices and fate.  It’s a strange mix…being apocalyptic, yet uplifting.

“Wildfire” is the new single but there are new partnerships with major labels and artists on the horizon in 2017.  MUTO on Facebook

AyOwA – “Fri”

We featured AyOwA in a European music round up last year when their song, “Sommer” caught our attention.  If you’re wondering where they’ve been since then you’ll be pleased to hear their debut EP, Eremit drops tomorrow.  New single “Fri” bubbles with dreamy electropop and also has a funky summery feel.  The Danish vocals of Hannah Schneider add an uplifting but otherworldly feel.  Armed with modular synths, and old reel-to-reels, they are certain to be a highlight at several Danish festivals over the summer, including Roskilde.  AyOwA on Facebook



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