Two for Thursday: Iris Lune, Matt Woods

Can ‘future soul’ still be a genre if it has been around for a while?  While you ponder that question we bring you two new songs which take elements of the genre but both sound completely different from each other.

Iris Lune – Sewing Skylines to Shores

With a song title that Kate Bush wishes she had thought of, Brooklyn experimental-pop outfit Iris Lune return with the lead track from their second EP.

As is the focus of this week’s Two for Thursday, there are hints of future soul and the glitchy, minimal backing creates an ambience that never becomes settling.  It’s a bit like a poppier Bat for Lashes, with flickering vocal effects and synths also being used as instruments.

The song was inspired by the film The Hours, and singer Ella says it is about the person who ‘finds his or her way to clarity and peace through parting from this world, but there are many ways to find that freedom.’

The EP, Lost in Chatter will be available in November.  Iris Lune on Facebook

Matt Woods – Nervous

You may recall Matt Woods when his song “Ain’t No Use” was part of our Thursday feature over a year ago.

He returns tomorrow with the release of his new single and it has all the ingredients within it that caught our attention last time round.

His vocal is once again the star of the show, his crisp, sparkling falsetto soars above the muddy synth backdrop.  He can mix it up though, almost crooning during the breakdown and adding a drama to the questions ‘What’s wrong with me?  Why am I nervous?  Why can’t I breathe?’  It has the feel of a ballad, a slow number to wind down proceedings and would make a good album closer.

His second EP Re:Connection will be out in September. Matt Woods on Facebook


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