Thursday Fresh: Team Picture, G. Smith, Mulàn

Ka-boom!  Fresh music for you.  If it’s hot and it’s been out for only 24 hours or so then it’s here.  We have something for everyone and everything for someone… RIGHT HERE!  You are welcome…

Team Picture

Today sees the release of “Classic:M”, the follow up to the well received debut, “Birthday Blues” earlier in the year.

The Leeds alt-rock five-piece don’t let up in this cosmic stomper fuelled with fuzz and atmospherics.  It’s a powerful scream of energy at just under two and a half minutes and their wall of sound pounds deep into those eardrums.

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Layers of affected vocal are at the heart of “Life Out” and it almost appears acapella until it kicks in after 80 seconds with flickering synth sounds and samples.  It’s like a cross between Medulla, “O Superman” and the more restrained moments of Fever Ray.  And yet, despite there being no discernible chorus, despite the experimentation, there is an underlying pop sensibility.

This debut from the LA artist is certainly an enticing teaser.

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Here’s an English trio who pack everything including the kitchen sink into their debut track, “Night”.  This slab of glitchy neo-soul has had the likes of DJ Annie Mac wetting their pants…and yours can be moistened too as this mystical mess of a noise demands repeat plays.

Finger-clicking good.

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