THRILL YOU KILL YOU Drops Grunge Pop Fantasy Single “Hotline”

LA producer, DJ, and songwriter Fei-Fei recently launched her tantalizing feminine power project THRILL YOU KILL YOU, whose latest offering in “Hotline” dives headfirst into a fantasy world of carnal awakening. The track is grungey and lo-fi in nature and weaves in and out of pop melodies as Fei-Fei utters “Hotline to my heart” from the depths of her soul. “Hotline” is an anthem about taking a bite out of your lover…about surrendering yourself completely to another.

“Hotline” captures that feeling right before you give control, that anxious feeling of sexy dread,” TYKY explains on the track. “The excruciating cusp of fear and desire, power and submission. When you know something’s bad for you, but you just can’t resist. I’m fascinated with the exploration of our darkest desires because discovering who you are is messy… and beautiful.” In her forthcoming subversive lyric video, directed by TYKY and artist Nusiquero, TYKY reclaims power by owning flesh and blood. “Our culture regulates and dominates womens’ bodies. That’s fucked up. This is my body. I do what I want for my pleasure, not yours. Metamorphosing one’s flesh is frightening and intoxicating. Be your own animal.”

Check out “Hotline” below, and prepare yourself for more THRILL YOU KILL YOU tunes this fall.


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