Three for Thursday: Au/Ra, Campbell, Young Summer



Here’s a trio of fresh female artists ready to dazzle you with a range of soulful pop tinged with electronica.

Au/Ra – Concrete Jungle

Like previous songs with this title, Au/Ra writes about the complexities and the challenges of the landscape around her and lists the things that society obsesses over, the greed and the distractions, in an almost surreal, stream-of-consciousness way.  Yet despite all this, Au/Ra says it’s a song about ‘how we are all connected’ and this is certainly a song primed to reach the mainstream.  Under driven synths and snappy beats, she delivers a radio-friendly, sassy pop number which is almost like an edgier Taylor Swift.  Au/Ra on Facebook

Campbell – Don’t Move

If the new Banks album didn’t get you going then this dark, swelling debut from Auckland singer Campbell might whet the appetite.  The catchy and dramtic “Don’t move” was written and produced by Simon Ratcliffe from Basement Jaxx and it’s a mature vocal delivery from the 19 year old.  Dusky synths maraud under polished electro-pop hooks with tricks, twists and turns that are familiar without being obvious.   Campbell on Facebook

Young Summer – Echo

Here’s the latest track from the forthcoming You Would Have Loved It EP from Washington DC’s Young Summer.  It’s more atmospheric than previous tasters which were more instant, but this is a building number with the emphasis on mood rather than beats.  Her vocal is reminiscent of the softness of Ellie Goulding and it’s a good way to close this article, with its slightly retro sounding but sparkling production   You can pre-order her EP now (out October 28) and get this and two other songs instantly.  Young Summer on Facebook


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