Thom Yorke Releases Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes Through…

Thom Yorke Releases Tomorrow's Modern Boxes Through

kkLUmYlR8a8JyIkqac1S_coverBreaking fabulousness! The new Thom Yorke LP is out NOW. After Yorke and Producer Nigel Godrich posted a picture of an unmarked white vinyl record, the speculation all week has been is it Radiohead or a solo Yorke groove. Well, speculate no more. It hasn’t been since Radiohead released In Rainbows with the new pay model of pay what you want, that we have seen something that is truly new and exciting for the artist and the consumer. Yorke has released Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes through BitTorrent. The hope is to bypass the standard corporate controlled mechanisms where the digital provider takes a fair chunk of the sales generated and also keeps all the information collected from the purchaser. With this model it gives the control back to the artist. Brilliant!! The cost is $6.00 (USD) and the link to download is below. Thom Yorke is amazing, and this newest attempt to poke the corporate bear as it were just makes me adore him even more.

Download Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes here

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