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This Beat Is Poptronik - Volume Two coverWhen you hear some great pop there are a few things that happen to the human body.  Your palms start to tremble, your knees get a little weak, a drip of sweat slowly crawls down your brow…next thing you know, your pulse lines up with the sickest bass line ever. This is something that many have yet to experience in this era of over-conformed pop music. You don’t have to wait any longer to feel the true movement of pop again thanks to EQ Music’s second installment of the POPTRONIK series This Beat is…POPTRONIK Volume 2.

The POPTRONIK compilation gives you the best international perspective of pop that any album could provide. Breaking down borders to give you tunes from the US, UK,  all over Europe, and Australia, no border goes untouched when it comes to POPTRONIK’s mission to export and import great pop music to the listener.  With twenty four tracks in total (you can’t get that many tracks on a regular album ever!) it gives you the chance to discover a new artist or a few.  It’s hard to even pick one stand out. Honestly, this is personally my album of the summer.  POPTRONIK is simply proving that once you go pop, you just can’t stop.

POPTRONIK has a couple of featured artists familiar to Fourculture fans like the lovely SIRPAUL with his track “Glow” and Naked Highway with the Jared Jones Radio Edit of “Cause This”.  There are a couple recognizable names to the music world like Carmen Electra with her latest single “I Like it Loud” (remember Prince named her that…) and Frankmusik with “Maps”.  We must warn you that many of these tracks were released before but there are also some exclusives that you cannot get anywhere else except POPTRONIK.

One clear exclusive stand out is this pure aural and visual candy provided by the Idaho raised Kaden. Some of you may be aware of his work as he is the voice behind the track “A Boy like Me” which serves as the theme song to the show “The A-List New York.” The track entitled “Fuel for the Machine” is refreshing take on EDM.  When Kaden hits the chorus his voice turns into this literal electrical pulse that you can not only hear but also feel as it shocks you right through the headphones or speakers.  Personally, I have never felt a song that could deliver this sensation.  Look closely for the nearest strobe light once the track drops as well, a for sure dance floor hit that is going to shake up anyone who gets ahold of this album. A song with a fresh clubby beat and unique vocal enhancements, this is nothing like you have ever heard before. Don’t forget there are twenty three other tracks for your dancing enjoyment.

EQ Music artists Parralox and Ryan Adames take on the 1987 hit by Noel, “Silent Morning.” (Also available on album Recovery by Parralox) For someone like me who didn’t have the chance to grow up in the 80s, they’re sending a DeLorean time machine to my doorstep.  The beats in their take on the song are a great nod to the sound that came before them without taking away the original feel. Synth nerds beware! This might just become your new addiction (note the list of interests on Parralox’s Facebook).

Each of these artists on This Beat is Poptronik Volume 2 are ones we surely will keep an eye on so stay tuned!

In conclusion: EQ Music, try releasing a warning on your further releases. Don’t operate a motor vehicle maybe? This awesome music will distract the most experienced driver.

If you want to hear more from the artists featured on This Beat is… Poptronik Volume 2, check out the links below.

— Serena Butler | @LaRenceB

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