They Cage the Animals Unleash Something Beautiful

Ft. Lauderdale-based Indie rock band They Cage the Animals have unleashed onto the music-loving masses a new collection of songs aptly titled Something Beautiful.  Right away, these guys (or rather this group of some guys and some gals), seek to stand out; the band is female-fronted (Samantha Ho does lead vocals with Raffaele Famularo and Joelle McNeil on guitars) and combines a unique blend of early 2000s pop-punk with the electronic sounds of the very recent 2010s. The talented sextet formed in early 2010 and have since began touring in their home state of Florida.  Later, their music began its rotation on independent radio stations throughout the world, along with some upcoming gig dates.  They’re playing at the Funky Buddha Lounge and Bar in Boca Raton on January 31 and at Anonymous Guitars (they are proudly endorsed by them) in Sunrise, FL on February 15. 

What Something Beautiful brings to the table is a blend of upbeat rhythms, fiery guitar riffs and defiant lyrics that recall the days when bands like Taking Back Sunday dominated the radio airwaves in the early 2000s.  However, what makes differentiates from a lot of indie pop-punk bands is their willingness to mix those influences with synthesizer keys, which many people associate with the sound that dominates much of alt-rock today.  Furthermore, as said sound does not swallow up much of their music, it makes it so much easier to enjoy their distinctiveness as an indie band.  Instead of possessing a slow, dragging tempo coinciding with long synth chords, TCTA creates an upbeat sound that pays tribute to their predecessors while staying grounded in today’s innovation as they look toward the future.

In spite of having only five tracks, Something Beautiful presents a strong piece of work.  Perhaps some of the strongest of the track listing are songs like ”Over and Out” and ”Subject to Change”.  I find that the lyrics are both whimsy as well as scathingly sarcastic, representing both sides of the coin when it comes to facing life’s neverending complexities.  ”For the Sun and For the Summer”  makes it worth to look forward to brighter days and better tomorrows as Famularo and McNeil shred along with the quick tempo of the percussion.  This album is an excellent beginning for the six-person group and I, as well as many of us who enjoy emotionally charged rock music, await many more projects to come.

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—  Simone Brown

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