There is Electronic Pop Music, and Then There is BOMBEE

There is electronic pop music, and then there is BOMBEE.  This band from Germany mixes pop sounds with insightful lyrics, haunting harmonies, and melancholy melodies that give the listener something much more than your average electronic/pop act.  This is music that moves you from the inside out.  With a new record out in September, we couldn’t wait until then to introduce you to this incredible act.  Watch Fourculture in the upcoming months for more on BOMBEE!

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Bombee_Press-Pic_02Where does the name BOMBEE come from?
It’s an abbreviation for “barefooted old men being extremely European”.

Your sound is basically electronic, but you bring a softness that is not usually heard in the genre. Where does this melancholy come from?
For us, working electronically gives us the possibility to not limit ourselves to any genres or sounds. Moreover, there are various backgrounds we have. This softness is probably one of the common things. At least we all like pop music, because we’re happy people. But when it comes to making music together we somehow fall into sad euphoria from time to time.

Your new album is due out in September. Any secrets you can share with us about what to expect?
Secrets are made to be found out. The new material is really catchy in the foreground but also very complex and multilayered at the same time. There are a lot of different sounds we recorded, bent and edited. Listen to the songs closely and you’ll find some surprising things.

There have been some new members and guests along the way. What has been your favorite creative collaboration in creating the new album?
Felix Schubert is our most favorite collaboration because it’s much more than that. He’s our new permanent member. Working as a producer-duo turned out to be very useful. He’ll play the keys.

Do you have tour plans with the new album? Where would you most love to tour?
There will be a tour and a bunch of separate concerts in autumn. The booking already started and we’re looking forward to hitting the road soon. The dates can be found on and our Facebook page soon. It will be the first time playing with a live drum set so we’re very curious about the upcoming shows. Touring the US or Asia would be great some day, we never played there so far.

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Stay up to date with BOMBEE on Facebook and on their website:

— Paula Frank  |  @jelenfan

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