The Way We Feel – new single by Imaginary War

IMAGINARY WAR 2 by Joachim Berger 1500

Germans and synthpop.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

If you happened to miss Imaginary War’s internationally acclaimed debut album back in 2012 then their latest single “The Way We Feel” would be the perfect place to begin your catching up.

The polished production means it has more of a late 80s feel than perhaps the edge of earlier synthpop pioneers.  This is no bad thing however as the song fits in well today appeasing fans of the genre as well as having the potential to cross over into the general pop/rock arena.

The song tackles human emotions and identity, of keeping demons and “the weight of life”.  The video features panoramic vistas stripped of some colour, showing unfulfilled potential and beauty like the human soul.  Synths flicker and buzz and, along with a rich vocal, create a space that is fragile but flawless.

“The Way We Feel” is released on 6 March.

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