The Queen of Bass Has Hit Our Shores: Ayah Marar


Photograph by Andrew j. Attah
Photograph by Andrew J. Attah

Stop the presses and bow down, we are in the presence of royalty! When you’ve been dubbed a royal of a certain genre, you’d better bring it. When it comes to the UK’s own Queen of Bass, Ayah Marar, she owns it to the fullest.  There is no shortage of multicultural influence when it comes to her life. Born to a Czech –Bulgarian mom and a Jordanian dad in Jordan, she had the privilege of attending school with some of the Jordanian royal family.  You could say world domination was in her blood. 

This year has already been incredibly huge for the London-based artist. She’s had a slew of publicity since the drop of her debut album The Real in October of 2012. She even has collaboration with superstar DJ Calvin Harris entitled “Thinking About You” climbing up the Hype Machine charts. The time has come for Ayah to make her mark on the states with her stateside release of the debut smash The Real.

After getting a listen to The Real there is no doubt that Ayah will fit in quite well in the US market. As someone who is a bit picky with the vocal talent that makes up the Billboard Top 40, I feel she will indeed shake up the market in the right way. The Real is an album for everybody. From the upbeat dance tracks like “The Predator” and the extremely high-paced BPM of “The Raver”, to the come-down electro R&B influenced “Lethal Dose” and the classic pop meets Middle Eastern influence of “Camouflage Girl”, the entire album encompasses the Bass Queen title she has rightfully earned.

An album that is so well rounded makes it a challenge to really get into breaking down the creative process.  Yet, this is Fourculture and we will not back down from a challenge!  Starting with one of the slower tempo tracks, “Beg Borrow Steal”:  the track describes the fear of taking a relationship to the next level. Compared to the rest of the album this is a track that has hidden dance potential.  It has a very similar vibe to tracks like David Guetta ft. Usher’s track “Without You.” It covers a serious subject without getting rid of that pure dance vibe.

A special treat placed on the US version of the album are three remixes that keep the beat pumping, including “Unstoppable (Metrik Remix)”, “Lethal Dose (Dilemn Remix)”, and  “Alive (Mizuki Remix)”. All the remixes should and will appeal to most of the techno/dubstep lovers of the world with their high beats per minute and pulse-pumping ability.

With a total of 16 tracks, Ayah Marar’s debut album is sure to have a track for everyone here in the States.  We also hear she’s already working hard on her next album. She is working like a machine in the music industry and ready to strike. That is Ayah Marar.

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Ayah Marar on the web:

— Serena Butler | @LaRenceB

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