The Music World is Ready to Rock: I Am The Seer

Hailing from San Antonio, alternative pop-punk rockers I Am The Seer are here with their new single “Push.” I Am The Seer came about when frontman Bryan’s former band went their separate ways. He auditioned many musicians until finally the balance was right and the band was born. Their debut EP, Reveal Yourself, followed soon after to high praise. An extensive tour of their home state of Texas made sure that the music loving public got a taste of I Am The Seer. And now, their new release is “Push” — a slow heavy intro then steps up a gear into a fast paced rock number which fans of Foo Fighters, amongst others, will definitely enjoy. Keep an eye out for these guys in 2014. The music world is ready to rock, courtesy of I Am The Seer. Below is a Q & A with the group’s frontman, Bryan.

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How did I Am The Seer come together? Was it a smooth process? 

I am the seer was all Craigslist built. I started to the build the band from the bottom up. San Antonio is a very hard city to find musicians who care for what they do. I’ve taken the Craigslist route before with no luck. This time was different. I made the ad very descriptive, you might say. Getting to find the musicians was tough in itself. Countless hours auditioning bassists and drummers were exhausting. Then one day I got a text from Mason (bassist) and we exchanged information on what we wanted to achieve as musicians. It only took a few minutes into the audition to know that he was the bassist for the band. We had drummers that we were jamming out with. One day looking on craigslist again I stumbled upon the ad for our drummer Chris. His ad was unique. He included all his experiences and I knew this ad was different from the rest. We talked at a local Starbucks before the audition. We wanted to make sure he wasn’t crazy! After all that, we became who we are now. Even though we did not know each other and met through random Craigslist ads, it now feels like we have known each other for years. Writing has never been this easy.


Which musicians influence the I Am The Seer sound?

We individually have our own influences. I know for Chris a huge part of his drumming influences come from Lester Estelle, Jr., the drummer of Pillar. Mason is a beast all on his own. He loves Smashing Pumpkins, which is pretty much what we grew up on…all 90’s alternative rock. A lot of new and older bands have influenced our ambient progressive writing. I really admire the sounds of Balance and Composure, Daylight, Moving Mountains, This Will Destroy You and a Texas local, The Appleseed Cast.


Since the release of your debut EP in July, you guys have been building momentum with a few endorsements and shows. What inspired you to switch gears and return to the studio to create “Push?”

“Push” was an idea I was messing on and off with. It was never completed until I met these guys. We wanted to create something new and different, and we wanted to show everyone our heavier, darker side. The music in the original EP was not done with Mason and Chris on the tracks, so we wanted to get in the studio as soon as possible to show what the three of us were. After writing “Push” we looked at each other in amazement. We know what direction we want to take the new EP in and we want to get our new sound heard. The rest of the EP is going to tear some people’s ear drums up! We can’t wait!


With Pantera being one of the biggest bands to come out of Texas, do you think you can emulate their success? What is I Am The Seer’s definition of success?

That’s huge! Pantera was a huge heavy metal band for me growing up! With the first riffs of “Walk” and “Respect” how could you not love the heavy dropped D sound? To emulate their success would take a lot! Honestly, I hate answering this question because I’m afraid if someone from Pantera or a hardcore fan reads this, I’d probably get my ass kicked! All playing aside, Pantera was a huge influence in my life as well as guys in the band. To have their success in the music business would be huge for us. Will we get there? I can only hope! I would say the definition of I Am The Seer’s success is what we are doing now. We love what we do. Not a lot of people get the opportunity to say they get to play in front of people or travel with their best friends playing music. We always said if we can provide our families with food on the table and a roof over their heads doing what we do, we made it! That’s all we want to do — playing in front crowds, getting fans and record deals will come soon enough. Family is and has always been first.


We hear you’ll be taking a break for the remainder of December. What are your plans for 2014?

Yes. Sometimes life happens. Two of us have families and one lives out of town. We decided that we were going to take a break to reflect on what we did and enjoy our family holiday time. In 2014, we are planning it huge! We want to make touring a huge part of 2014. It’s time that people outside of our hometown hear what we have to offer. We will be hitting up the studio to record our new EP and by the end of the year we’ll prepare ourselves for a full length. It’s going to busy, but that’s how we like it.

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Click to get your immediate download of “Push” now via Bandcamp! 
Paying supporters also get unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.

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I Am The Seer on the web:

— Mark Sharpley | @MarkSharpley1


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