The Mama Rags – Another Emerald City Gem

So every now and then I get a new follower on the Twitter. It just so happens that my phone makes a noise at me and I see that this band The Mama Rags are now following me. A band <<perk>> so I check them out and was just blown away. Now mind you there are only two songs posted on their site. “Young and Advanced” and “Rodeo Blues”are both live and both gems. I have been playing “Rodeo Blues” over and over, wishing I could download it and put it on my iPod so I could put it on repeat there. This band comes out of Seattle. They came together in 2013 with members TJ Kelly, Ian Cunningham, Colin Meon and Peter Booker. The sound is early 70’s rock with just a touch of Country Western twang. The song “Rodeo Blues” reminds me of the Stones a la Sticky Fingers. They are currently kickin’ it live at clubs all over Seattle as well as Portland. They tweeted recently about getting into the studio and exciting stuff happening. Yay for the studio! Watch this space kids, as I will be stalking them to bring any news of new music.

The Mama Rags on the web:

 – felicia c waters | @feefeelarue

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