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are a five piece alternative rock band from Manchester. The founding members Denis Ferrige (Bassist) and Steven O’Toole (Guitarist) first played together in their teens at a youth club in Manchester as their earliest incarnation Adept.  Having been joined by Neil Marra (Singer) and more recently Nikki Jennings (keyboards), Jim Correy (Drums), the band take their name from the old English saying “Happy as a Sandboy” which is expressive of the foundation of the band…

It’s hard not to be influenced by the enormous wealth of music from the city they have grown up in. The music of Manchester surrounds them like the  trees in the forest, however, the band have always delved further a field and have experimented with several styles, always with the importance of the song in the forefront of their minds.

Unsigned bands are often critisized for not having songs that sound similar and that enables them to be pigeon holed or labelled. However making songs that sound the same is a very boring concept for Sandboy…influences that go as far back as classic Rock & Roll bring a retrospective warmth to their modern vibrant songs; the songs that tell a story of the here and now that is indicative of the way we live today…created with a ‘no rules’ attitude and a working honesty that can only be established by mutual respect and a burning desire to make some of the greatest records of all time.

There are many characteristics within the band that add influence in the make up of the music such as vanity, an evil sense of humour, OCD, working class realism, cynicism and the motivation to create something beautiful, the band have relaxed in the chasing of exposure and have decided to stick to the bits they love and do best…. Sandboy are no longer the new saplings in the forest, they have laid strong, far reaching roots and for them the season is now spring. IT ALL STARTS FROM HERE.

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— Producer Mark 

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