The Feeling: Boy Cried Wolf

It seems that every few years or so there is a wave that goes across the music industry.  The dance pop gods and goddesses put their bass beats away for a time and are off on vacation or something and the world opens its doors to the music that I love. The melody makers, balladeers, piano players and sentimental heartbreakers get their chance to shine.  More years back than I care to admit there were bands like Travis or Stereophonics tugging at my emotions.  Then not so long ago there was a fresh new wave that poured out bands like Keane, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and….The Feeling.  I remember seeing the video for “Sewn” and thinking “Oh yeah. I’m really gonna like this band.”

Eight years later, The Feeling has released their fourth studio album entitled Boy Cried Wolf and I’m reminded once more why I liked these guys in the first place.  Boy Cried Wolf shows The Feeling doing what they do best; gorgeous melodies and stunning choruses along with lyrics that remind us about the reality of being human.

Boy Cried Wolf comes from some pretty deep places as lead singer Dan Gillespie Sells had just come out of a relationship and the band had split with their label.  From pain often comes great art and the band were able to return to making the music they wanted to make.  What resulted is an album that is honest, rich, and real.

“Blue Murder” is a well-placed starter to the album with a great build to the rest of the album and sets the stage for the feeling of the following songs.  “Anchor” follows with a chorus that you can’t help but sing along to…loudly.

“Rescue” was the first single and gives a more upbeat feel to the album before hitting us with songs like “The Gloves are Off” and “You’ll See”, two stand out tracks from the album.  Grab yourself a glass of wine and “remember how it felt when love hits you way beneath the belt.”

“I Just Do” closes the album and is another favorite.  “I wish I didn’t feel the way I do. I just do.”  I can sing that about so many things in life and I find this song complex in its simplicity, which is something I’m always impressed by.  That’s not easy to do!  Kudos, guys!

Boy Cried Wolf is an album that proves that sticking to who you are and what you feel will never lead you wrong.  The Feeling has done just that with this album.  Welcome back, guys!

For more on The Feeling, watch for our upcoming interview with them in Fourculture Magazine!

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  • This is there best album to date and they are even better live, if you havn`t seen them live you are missing the best band in the world

  • FAB*album music for the soul*& one of the best live bands you will ever get to see! *THE FEELING*

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