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Sarah GolonkaThe Eeries have dropped their self-titled, five-song EP on the world. Oh, what a happy day it is! This should be the release that is felt worldwide. This band is on a trajectory that I predict will shoot them directly into the consciousness of everyone. Their sound is fuzzy and dirty, wrapped around a solid hook, much like Nirvana.

It’s hard to choose a favorite song from this EP, because quite honestly I can’t. “Cool Kid” is there, as is “Love You to Pieces”. “Shine On” has an almost anthemic quality with its wicked loping backbeat. “Girlfriend” just shreds. The EP’s closer is “Overrated”.  We’re raising kids on TV ads and telling them that feeling sad is not ok, take pills, go play — get out of my head, man. Isaiah Silvas’ vocals had me thinking of Gordon Gano from the Violent Femmes… a slice of melodic, raspy yumminess. But, oh those hooks…the fantastical perfect hooks.

Go buy this EP. Play it over and over, and wait with breath that is bated for The Eeries full length release in the new year. The Eeries are a thing. They have a sound that’s all their own but it’s the hook that will always bring you back.

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