The Eeries Get Groovy with Cool Kid

EERIESI do love proving people wrong. Every day, all I hear is how much rock is played out and how there’s nothing new coming from anywhere. “It’s all about the bass…” But they are wrong, so wrong. I give to you “Cool Kid”, the latest single from the LA based band The Eeries.

The sound that hits you is the growl of Isaiah Silva who started this band about two years ago with fellow musicians Brandon Sweeny, Nadir Maraschin and Eliot Lorango. Jangly guitars, a bass line that bops, and some crazy drums that remind me of Dave Grohl early Nirvana…this song feels right.  You try it on and it just slides all over you and fits.

The Eeries is a right tight band. These guys  are seasoned musicians who have found each other and make groovy, tasty tunes. They’ve recently signed with Interscope Records and have been working on an album, so “Cool Kid” is a taste of what’s to come.

“Cool Kid” is available on iTunes and Amazon.

The Eeries on the web:
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | You Tube

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