The Dance Floor Gods Have Blessed Our Ears: Armand Deluxe & SIRPAUL

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The dance floor gods have blessed our ears with another bangin’ club smash courtesy of Armand Deluxe featuring  SIRPAUL. The producer/remix extraordinaire Armand Deluxe is no stranger to the electro/pop/club scene throwing down some amazing mixes of popular songs including many remixes of Britney Spears that even the Christina fans of the famous 90’s pop music feuds would even come to appreciate. He even takes it one step further to clubify what many say is one of the greatest speeches in history: Martin Luther King Jr.’s  “I Have a Dream.”  Armand Deluxe and SIRPAUL have collaborated on several dance tracks that are sure to touch us all in the right places.

Speaking of touching, their latest track “Touch Me” is one for the masses; a sensual disco track that drags you to the floor bringing your body into an intense sweat. The track opens up with heavy synth…when the beat really kicks in it’s a powerful, pulsating steamy encounter with SIRPAUL’s vocals.  Around where the middle eight hits (that’s the bridge for you audiophiles out there) FORGET 50 SHADES OF GREY!  No one needs mommy porn when you got lyrics like that. Armand Deluxe and SIRPAUL did a great job on bringing visualizations into the song that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. They like it rough and we like what they’re bringing.  “Touch me, I want it now, come and turn me on.” And do we ever encourage you to turn “Touch Me” on.

Heck, if the song doesn’t give you that warm feeling inside (yes you know what I’m talking about) then you can just stare at the single cover for hours on end.  Don’t worry, we won’t blame you… it is kind of hard to look away when it’s RIGHT THERE!

Luckily this isn’t the first or last time we’ll see these two hook it up in the studio. Stay tuned for the next installments including “Love in Stereo” and “Feelin’ Free” which we’re sure are sparks ready to set the dance floor a blaze.

Thank you gods of the dance floor we praise you with our knowing that disco truly isn’t dead.

— Serena Butler

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