The Caged Bird Sings

When I first got wind of this project I was intrigued and super excited.  The thought of having the emotional rawness of Dr. Maya Angelou’s words laid on top of music was mind blowing to say the least. When I was a kid we had to read Caged Bird as part of our summer reading. I remember being so moved by her writing.  The manner in which it was written almost forced me into reading the piece in a melodic way. Maybe it was just me…but now what was in my mind has come to fruition. Caged Bird Songs is about to land.

It’s being called a hybrid album which takes the poetry of Dr. Angelou and sets it to various beats and R & B melodies. “Still I Rise”, the animated lyric video, was an amuse bouche for the full on tasting of “Caged Bird Songs’ which debuts on November 42014. The collection was produced by RoccStarr (JLo, JHud & CeeLo) and Shawn Rivera lead singer of Az Yet and they did a brilliant job melding the voice, message and music.

I’ve had the chance to listen to the album and it’s really an awesome ride. Each song will affect you, much like her poetry in its own special way. An extra bonus that comes along with this release, is the chance to reach kids.  I have blathered on to my own daughter about Dr. Angelou and the importance of her message and for the most part she has tuned me out. When I was playing the album, she turned down what she was listening to,  took out her earbuds, and engaged. I put on the video and played it a few times. The 13 year old who could not be bothered with something she thought was oh, so cerebral was reciting that poem word for word all the while digging on the soundtrack underneath. That right there was miraculous! Caged Bird Songs is a must own whether you are a hardcore Maya Angelou fan or not. This collaboration is spectacular!!


  Caged Birds Songs on the web:  |  Facebook  |  YouTube

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