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If you are in L.A. go see the massive exhibition at The 14th Factory before April 30. Whether you like conventional pieces, industrial found objects, immersive installations, or just big spaces, you will not be disappointed! The space is three acres, every room as its own identity and atmosphere, you need to plan a good two hours to explore in full, possibly more if you get caught by the vertigo visual installation, or the white room, or the hypnotic whirlpool video…

The whole was initiated by English/Hong-Kong artist Simon Birch. The project took a few years to travel from H.K. to L.A., find a space and refurbish it, but it was all worth it.  The space has a secret maze and deluxe DIY flair, and the curation is diverse and leaves breathing space to the visitors to wander and take in all the different art including mixed-media paintings, design, photography, video, performance, architecture, large-scale sculptures, and installations. You can catch a sneak peek on their Instagram before your visit and before posting your own impressions of #The14thfactory.

DTLA outskirts: 440 N. Ave 19, Los Angeles, CA 90031, free street parking. Tickets for visits are for before, or after 2pm, with an evening portion on Saturdays, closed on Mondays.

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