Thank Folk it’s Friday…feat. Talos, Linying

Folk has become a bit of a catch-all term when describing new music and you probably have your own opinion of what ‘folk’ should sound like but there’s a habit of adding other genres to the term which creates new fusions and breathes life into it.  Here are a couple of folk songs with a different edge.  Embrace change, embrace music…


Talos – Your Love is an Island 

Cork musician Talos (Eoin French) has just released this delicately wistful song.

“Your Love is an Island” is about ‘the struggle to find that sense of peace that only comes from attaining ones dreams and desires,’ he says.  It builds and swoons yet it is the part pop/part ethereal vocal of French that is the focus.  Recorded in Iceland by Valgeir Sigurosson, it also has a glacial air within its celtic elements.  Talos will be doing a series of dates in Ireland as a six-piece.  Talos on Facebook


Linying – Sticky Leaves

After lending her talents to several European electro house producers, Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying has gone it alone with this impressive new single “Sticky leaves”  It’s folk with an epic sound and even bigger production.  Uplifting and anthemic with soaring harmonies, it seems destined for a film soundtrack.  Linying on Facebook



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