Tedy hits home with new single “Boys Don’t Cry”

Montreal-based artist, Tedy, has released his new song “Boys Don’t Cry”, a powerful take on vulnerability and the freedom that can be found within it.  Tedy has amassed a large following independently and it is easy to hear why.  He has an introspection that one doesn’t often see these days.  Pair that with beautiful melodies and Tedy’s soulful, emotive voice and you’ve got a winner.

“The songs are pulled from my life.  For me, writing songs is therapeutic,” says Tedy. Following the single “War” which was released in March, “Boys Don’t Cry” dives deep into that feeling within us all to just suck it up. Don’t let anyone see the pain and it will be alright, but what happens when we try to open ourselves back up again?  “I’m trying to feel something,” he sings with a yearning in his voice for some kind of connection.  Raise your hands and sing along if you’ve been there.   His words make you think about it.  His voice makes you feel it. “Boys Don’t Cry” helps you face it in the most incredible way.

“Boys Don’t Cry” will be part of Tedy’s first major label project due to be released this fall.  Check out the song, follow socials, and keep an eye out for more from this amazing artist, from Tedy’s heart to yours. Make the connection.

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