Talk in Colour: a Necessary Audio Experience

Based out of London, Talk in Colour should be a requisite for any true artistic musician.  As enigmatic and brilliantly poised as their name suggests, these artists take you on a whirlwind journey of the senses. Aural sensations that bring inspiration of vision are rare, and Talk in Colour is a testament of the power music has over the mind.

With their debut album, Colliderscope, the intensity of emotion draws you deep into a cocoon of lucid sensory gratification.  The single “Rolling” showcases a range of talent and imagination much needed in the music industry.  The heartfelt lyrics invoke memories of the soul’s roller coaster ride through love, loss, and passion.  Almost by accident, this song tugs at the most sensual parts of the mind, while creating a chasm for the imagination to relive the dreams it has left behind.  The entrancing music and provoking lyrics create a harmonious masterpiece which could, were it truly physical, be found on the walls of the most profound galleries around the globe.

The music video for this single utilizes minimal presentation, causing the genius of it to be displayed as the sound takes over.  Mesmerized by the simple elegance of each frame, you find yourself more deeply consumed with the raw, imperative love and chemistry of the band for the music itself.

As evidenced by the sound these musicians create, artistic ability is finally being showcased, without reliance on fancy gimmicks or unnecessary repetitions.  Each note, purposefully placed and each word, carefully chosen, will captivate you and leave you speechless.  By the end of the experience you will find yourself hungry for more, craving another sound in brilliant colour.

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Talk in Colour on the web:

— Aaron Wallace | @Aaronforever87 

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