Summer is here with Kaneholler’s “Paper Games” video

08kanehollerThe sun is shining, the snow on the ground is melting fast, next thing you know you’re pulling out your shorts because summer is officially here! The Los Angeles-based electropop duo Kaneholler, comprised of Chelsea Tyler and fiancé Jon Foster,  is beyond ready to start the months ahead with a bang with this lead video release “Paper Games” off their latest EP, Vol 3.

“Paper Games” is a song that is bound to be heard all around. With its infectious, electric pop bassline met with Chelsea’s soulful voice, you have the perfect ingredients for the song of the summer.

There is a perfect spot on the airwaves for the song as it can really cover any fun summertime activity. Do you want to party in the club? Turn on “Paper Games.” Do you want a day to chill on the beach? Turn on “Paper Games.” The song has a very positive theme throughout its lyrics. What makes you who you are? Your own self-worth or what you are worth monetarily. “I feel like I’m alive for the first time baby, I’m broke and I don’t give a fuck.” It brings this air of self-acceptance that it isn’t money that makes you happy. It’s you that makes you happy. The theme carries over into the video and acts as a great accompaniment to the song. Giving into all the elements of leading a carefree existence, it starts out in the city of Venice, California…

Throughout the alleyways and skate parks of the So-Cal city, the party has only just begun with Chelsea and Jon carrying paper bagged liquor in hand. Picking up as many as they can find and ending up in an empty parking lot with their amazing leopard print limousine in tow, it’s time for an impromptu party to start the summer. Are you ready to party with Kaneholler? With “Paper Games” they’re ready to party with you.

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