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Ivan Koukolin frequently explores New York City. With a camera in hand, he documents what catches his eye and shares his findings with Fourculture.  This week he is sharing some of the city’s colorful murals.  In his travels Ivan came across artist See One. The artist was standing in front of his Batman themed mural and he took a moment to discuss his craft.

“New York was always a place where graffiti is loved by many residents and it’s been easier to paint here than other cities, but that doesn’t mean you can paint wherever you want.  When I started painting walls it was all illegal…there were certain ‘spots’ you could paint if you got the invite and other spots you just took. I personally was always a fan of rooftops. Many thought it was all over after the destruction of 5Pointz, but nothing can stop art.  The term ‘street art’ has opened Brooklyn up to more walls and murals being accepted and wanted by the public and building owners alike through the formation of The Bushwick Collective, which is based right in Bushwick. The popularity of graffiti has spilled over into the excitement of street art and is definitely helping artists out.” When asked where he’d pain next, See One simply replied, “No clue. I never plan my walls out or locations. I’d love to travel internationally and paint someplace.”  Check out some of NYC’s street art below, photographed by Ivan Koukolin.

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