Stefan Pruett: “When You’re With Us”

imageStefan Pruett describes his sound as Dark Wave Pajama Pop, but his music by any name would still be a delicious and delectable, beat driven treat. Mixing a bit of 80s new-wave flare, some sparkling synths, and moody vocals, with his punk sensibility and indie aesthetic, Pruett creates an irresistible blend that is rich, dark, and dreamy. His new single, “When You’re With Us” is an 80’s inspired dance jam that’s the perfect addition to your summer-fun playlist.

Inspired by bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, New Order, and Talking Heads, Pruett pays homage to these sonic influences while taking things in an interesting and fresh direction. He uses vintage synths to create a sonic landscape that supports his fabulously deep voice and to give his songs a retro feel. Pruett has said he wants to create music that infuses pop with eclecticism. Listening to “When You’re With Us,” I’d say that is mission accomplished.

Pruett’s debut album Carefree is expected to drop later this year. You can follow him at the social media links below to keep up with the latest happenings.

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