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Have you ever felt so disgustingly weighed down by the world that you could spit? I’m one of those people who deals with the world on a daily basis. I see immense amounts of pain in people’s eyes. I get an immense amount of pain conveyed to me by people. It’s like working with the homeless or the terminally ill, but finding out that everybody is like that on some level.

Art, to me, is the splash of color against a very crusty old bloody canvas. Everybody is sad and in great pain. Art creates happiness as it creates thought outside of the usual. I am a very secluded creature and sometimes lose my way. When you’re walking along alone you tend to forget why you came. Then I watch something that someone created or I listen to something. I read the books of fellow authors and it’s like a flash bang of happiness. Peace is not love or euphoria, art is. Creativity outside of their box is perfection. It’s the only reason I feel fulfilled or that my presence on this planet in this scientifically constructed body is going to be worth it. We helped add a stepping stone with more art. That is all of us doing a million different things.

I am filled with joy and the pleasure of being alive in this world when I see the mind of Scooter LaForge spilled out on canvas, the rhythmic mutations of Aniaetleprogrammeur or the world through Andrew Ashley’s eyes. That’s because it’s part of me on display by others which gives me great joy that I’m not alone. It makes me hope that we (the artists, the thinkers, the freaks) will keep burning through with our visions. It doesn’t matter if my vision prevailed, the vision of other likeminded artists will. It’s one of my highest hopes that somebody 300 years from now will understand us. The world is nothing but a grayscale pit filled with echoing drivel – to me. I’m starting to see in black and white. If it’s the norm then it’s dull. It’s drivel. It’s bullshit. What’s more invigorating is that the only color I’m seeing is when I look at artistic creation. It’s making the colors more vivid!

The other day I saw the most amazing flowers. They were some kind of yellow orange brick color but the longer I looked at them they started swirling. I stared and stared, I wasn’t even on drugs! It was a statement to me. The visuals were speaking and moving because the majorities are not doing anything. No one is doing anything out there except the artists of the world. The creators are still creating while the masses ba-ah-ah.

The underground world of art is a hood of fabulous people whether it be brotherhood, sisterhood or a mix. I’ve never felt tied to many until I found artists. Then you know who is in the trenches with you. Then you can tell who will really hold your hand.

The Artist D, Executive Editor of Fourculture Magazine
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