Sonic Love with Gerard Way

Babies! Kittens! Lend me your ears!

In my nonstop quest to prove Gene Simmons wrong, I bring to you proof yet again that Rock is not dead. Gerard Way is poised to release his solo album Hesitant Alien on September 30 . The video from the new record is “No Show”, and it’s all plugged in fuzzy and cool. The sound and vibe to me feels like Gerard is the secret love child of Billy Corgan and David Bowie during his Thin White Duke era. It’s a fantastic catchy “Brit-pop” like song that once you hear it will not leave your brain. This is an exciting peek into what I think will be a killer record and I can’t wait for it to come out. So to tide you over watch the video repeatedly, download the single of “No Show” and “Action Cat”, then pre order the album Hesitant Alien. Gerard Way is awesomeness cubed.

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Gerard Way on the web:  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram

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