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Bristol trio Soeur show their abrasive side in “Fight”, a short, sharp slap to the senses.  This, their second release and title track from their forthcoming EP, takes in the best elements of 90s alternative music from that pre-Britpop age.

It builds and teases, threatening to explode, and despite the menacing guitars, it is the dual vocal of Anya and Tina that allow the mood to rise before the inevitable fury and freak out that brings the song to a close.

The song is about those journeys of blindly following something, questioning it, and wanting to fight against it.  “I think it’s easy to accept what we are taught, but it is only by questioning it that we truly learn,” says Anya.  “Whether it’s a war, an abusive relationship, a mental illness or a society-instilled stereotype, this song reminds us that we have the power not only to stop fuelling the cause but to actively fight against it”.

This song follows previous release, “Track back”, and while the styles on the EP promise to be mixed, it is the dual vocal element that brings it all together and adds a welcome edge.

Fight the EP is out November 17 and you can catch the band on their UK tour before then.
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