Soaked by Spells of Vertigo

sovThis is a big noise from just three people.

Soaked is the new EP from Spells of Vertigo.  They mix the bass-heavy seductive side of harder rock acts like Tool and Deftones with a hint of more 90s grunge.

EP centrepiece, “Baby Born (With No Name)” takes in all of these sounds, opening with a discordant guitar (think Sonic Youth) simmering into a frenzied ending reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins.

The vocals of Keegan Powell are not always as wild though and strike a nice balance of different smoky tones to suit the mood throughout the EP.

Of the other songs on Soaked, finale “Clover” tries to do a lot in nearly 6 minutes with several sections building and teasing whereas opener “Telegenic” is a shorter blast and will remind you of several bands you forgot you liked.

Soaked is available now (Bandcamp link)

Spells of Vertigo on the web:
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