Skinny Girl Diet: “BORED” Video

Skinny Girl Diet – the emerging hyper-femme, punk-feminist, grunge group out of London – has releasd the official video for “Bored,” their latest single off their highly regarded debut album, Heavyflow.

The band was started in London by Delilah Holliday (vocals/guitar), Ursula Holliday (drummer), and Amelia Cutler (bass) in 2010. And since then, they have built up a strong, loyal following with their  incendiary live show and a string of grungy, angry singles and EPs. The band says that their name is a social commentary on today’s “slim-fast” culture. The trio wants anyone who Googles the diet to see a bunch of punk-rock feminists in their results instead. Skinny Girl Diet’s music is bold and brash, aimed at inspiring other women; the trio is seen as one of London’s best and most uncompromising rising punk groups.

Debut album, Heavy Flow, expresses the frustration of these young punk feminists with our unjust world, saying through their music that they have had enough and will not hesitate to let us know. It is as cathartic, angry, and moving music as we’ve heard in a some time. Through lo-fi production, unpolished vocals, and fearless honesty, Skinny Girl Diet reaches out to other disenfranchised young women and tells them they too, can break free. “We want to make music for girls to feel powerful and liberated. Fair enough to people writing songs about heartbreak, but when I’m sad I want to listen to music that’s about more than just love affairs. We want to make music for girls like us.” The trio has taken a stand for intersectional feminism and a right to be heard and if Heavy Flow is any indication, they are only going to become more potent as they mature.

Their latest single, “Bored,” is a hard core song. Grungy, loud and discordant, the melody is repeatedly drowned out with white noise and harsh screams – a musical metaphor for a world that attempts to drown out connection and meaning with a never-ending stream of mind-numbing media and degrading consumer messaging. And in their recently released video for “Bored” the band makes clear they believe that boredom is counter-revolutionary. Filmed, directed and edited by the band, you can watch the video below.

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