SIRPAUL Turns It Up with a Valentine’s Day Anthem

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For many, Valentines is the day we’ll spend with our significant other. For others, it’s a day to muster up the courage to finally confront that good looking person who has been driving you nuts for the past few months. Fourculture favorite SIRPAUL gets more direct than conversation heart with his latest single “Be Mine” off of the album Seventh Star.

“Be Mine” is a track that really harnesses an energy that is quite reminiscent of early 90s pop dance tracks. It is a complete nostalgic trip for those who had the chance to experience it all firsthand (think Paula Abdul style) with the light synth and rhythmic bell sounds.

The great bonus of this release is the extended dance mix. Personally, it has been an easy twenty years since I’ve seen an extended dance mix in play. There isn’t any typical remix style put in for the extended mix (which is typical). Though, in the intro of the mix (which is longer than the album version) you’re met with bells and a little bit of DJ scratching: pure throwback! SIRPAUL is taking those great elements of musical production from the past and sharing them in the 21st century.  Heck, this is a song that will get some of us “oldies” back onto the dance floor… are you ready for it?

The song describes in the clearest way that moment when you’re fed up with the sexual tension between you and a crush. It’s that moment when you realize it’s time to take it to the next level. “Be Mine” may be some of the greatest lyrical advice for the holiday as well. Go ahead and confront your crush! Don’t waste your time with silly flirts! If you really want that person, let them know. Today is the day. Let them know you want them to “Be Mine.”

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