SIRPAUL Releases “Every Single Moment”

1187292_10151664644569580_108772740_nSIRPAUL drops another signature dance track.  “Every Single Moment” has all the elements to ensure it will be spinning in clubs on a regular basis.  Out of the box it is already a remix with the potential for other DJs and digital producers to take it apart and put it back together in a hundred different ways.  Vocals are engineered, bent and twisted but not so much that the lyrics get lost.  In their current state the vocal line is great but it’s easy to imagine them sped up, slowed down, or rephrased. This song is like electronic dance Legos. The lyrics are those of every great dance song; people pairing up for the night or possibly longer, things people on the dance floor have on their minds.  “Every Single Moment” speaks of an established relationship and keeping the excitement alive in it. It makes the listener feel happy and has them wanting to have a good time.

SIRPAUL is a master at creating digital sound.  He can manipulate and warp noise, add electronic percussion and produce something that sounds great.  Even when he uses beats that have been around the block before the SIRPAUL treatment dusts them off and molds them into something current. This is the stuff worthy of Billboard chart recognition.  “Every Single Moment” will hopefully find its place on the dance and electronic charts soon.

You can give a listen at but put on your favorite dancing shoes first.

The single is available on iTunes:

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SIRPAUL on the web:

 Kathy Creighton | @Mama_Kath


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