SIRPAUL Reaches Beyond the Stars with His New Album

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Photograph by Michael Young
Photograph by Michael Young

There are many things one can say about Fourculture favorite, SIRPAUL. He’s always striving to reach the top in everything he does. This time, when he releases his brand new album Seventh Star on November 7th, SIRPAUL is reaching beyond the stars.

If you are unfamiliar with SIRPAUL’s work,we point you towards the feature with him in ISSUE 5 of Fourculture magazine. Since the release of that interview SIRPAUL has been working his butt off in the studio getting ready to knock your socks off (amongst other articles of clothing) once again.

The follow up to the critically acclaimed The Horse, Seventh Star is bound to hit every overtly sensual emotion that the human consciousness has ever experienced. When we say overtly sensual, we’re not talking about your standard Barry White tracks…not at all! We are talking about those high impact, high energy tracks that those who have followed SIRPAUL throughout his career are quite familiar with.

Ok, maybe the entire album isn’t all dirty, but let’s be honest, we all love a tease! Just by looking at the cover of the album you know there are a lot of naughty bits just waiting to be exposed…that’s why Fourculture is here! I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the album to get you all ready for what lies ahead for you and Seventh Star.

You’ve all been waiting to hear about the track “Your Bedroom.” This is one of the most unique tracks on the album. “Your Bedroom” is a complete abandonment from the places where you would expect SIRPAUL to go. The best way to put it would be imagine a cross between Nine Inch Nails’ “Animal” and Madonna’s “Erotica.” The track is not meant for anything other than getting it on in an animalistic style with your significant other. “My body is yours, do as you want with me.” That may be one of the cleanest lyrics of the song available for posting. SIRPAUL…you’re a naughty one!

If you’re like me, you think that the collaboration between SIRPAUL and Armand Deluxe should go on forever. With Seventh Star you get a little something on the album with the track that has been teased all summer long entitled “Feelin’ Free.” If you’ve been following my frequent posts regarding collaborations from these two, you know that magic is what flows between them. The song is full of piano/synth filled melodies that will just make you want to get a little closer to that summer love. “Feelin’ Free” is one track that throws you in to the club just where SIRPAUL wants you, dancing that ass off!

Lastly, my personal favorite off the album is a track entitled “Be Mine.” The musical elements really throw you back into an early-mid 90s pop flashback. It’s almost a difficult sound to explain unless you were there to experience it yourself. The song really best covers the theme of lusting after someone who is flirting with you but in the end they want you just as bad as you want them. It’s a very common theme circulating the album, just a real happy piece about love and life.

Overall, SIRPAUL has really knocked it out of the park with this one. With every track you can feel the emotions through his voice and the production quality is superb even through the cheapest of sound systems. From a personal standpoint, SIRPAUL took a lot of risks and opened himself up with this album. I would have to say that this is his best album to date, but what does my opinion matter? It’s up to you! On November 7th check out SIRPAUL’s Seventh Star!

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Seventh Star is available worldwide here!

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— Serena Butler | @LaRenceB

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