SIRPAUL gets naughty with Black Leather


Closing in on midnight I was to be greeted with a video that made me question if I’m actually old enough to be watching (no worries, I am!). In other words If you are too young to be viewing explicit content we have many other articles on the site for your eyes to gaze upon. This is NOT FOR DA KIDDIES!

From the creative and slightly naughty minds of the guys at House of XY (, and the impeccable fashion sense of SIRPAUL, comes the dirtiest, naughtiest, and all around raw, sexually explicit video you will see all year. Yes ladies and gents, the video for the single “Black Leather” by SIRPAUL has arrived.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this video is highly sexual with SIRPAUL leading in a dominatrix style role. As the video continues he takes his slave into various positions that will entice those turned on by the softer forms of domination. The direction this video took is not suprising with lines that include “I’m gonna keep pushing cause I wanna see you down on your knees” and “what you’re doing makes me want to film you in a video”. Though I’m not an expert in sexual escapades (I found myself consulting google and friends for proper terminology to use), I see this as a very artistic expression of the song that the experts at House of XY have pulled off superbly.

Full blown nudity (not frontal), groping, sloppy tongue, and grinding; it’s as if SIRPAUL’s naughtiest fantasies are playing out for the world to see. Sometimes, three might be a company, but for our favorite, SIRPAUL, three looks like his kind of “party”.

“Black Leather” is another video that will take the Madonna “Erotica” train and never be televised. That’s why we have the internet folks! And we can thank Al Gore for that.


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