Sincere Gifts Release Debut Single & Video Ghost of America

Amidst great uncertainty and global chaos, Sincere Gifts have emerged out of both coasts (LA + NYC) and given us “Ghost of America,” their debut single. It’s a very light-hearted, upbeat blend of indie/alt with very dark contrasting lyrics. The band describes it as a “Leave-it-to-Beaver-esque” kind of vibe. A little bit Vampire Weekend, a little bit Wand – Sincere Gifts is certainly a unique and fun hodgepodge of sounds.

“The US is feeling very late-stage these days,” says co-vocalist and lead guitarist Nick Byron Campbell. “’Ghost of America’ is a short musical tour through the decline.” Benben, vocalist and songwriter, adds that “We intend Sincere Gifts to conjure feelings of love and magic. But we’re launching with red eyes and face masks on this musical detour to the funeral of America.”

A nice hat tip to the late Adam Schlesinger is also very apparent in the video, which features reanimated classic film footage that staggers around like a swing-dancing zombie. Check out “Ghost of America” below.

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