Sephirot – Didn’t They Have To Die Remixes

Sephirot‘s ‘Didn’t They Have To Die’, the final track on the Broken Contact EP, has been given the remix treatment resulting in an EP equally as magical and captivating as the original.

Autoration’s Clotted Cream mix has stripped back the original before adding a deliciously delicate, almost haunting vocal. The track moves along like an aching heart, with the different sounds pulling at each other in a sparse, harmonious discord. Like a half-remembered dream, it all pulls together beautifully.

Retaining the original structure and using it like a scaffold, the Sounds of Gladness Resurrection allows the different elements to float in and out of this mix like a bee searching amongst the flowers for pollen. The sounds of a soulful organ and blues guitar are brought ever more to the fore, underpinned by the skittering yet solid groove laid down by the drums.

Taught tribal drums kick-start Keyminator’s remix, charmingly juxtaposed with a contemplative, almost melancholic piano riff. As the track progresses, a subtle vocoder vocal sits astride a bass line that has been smothered in funk. After the breakdown, the piano breaks free from all previous constraints, as a mere tickling of the ivories explodes into a joyful solo whose expressive meandering would put a swing into the stiffest of hips.

Holy Airspace has taken sections of the original piano riff and elements of the drums, looping them together over a heavy 808 bass line, and by heavy I mean one that will be felt deep in your guts. The almost stuttering beat is held steady by the additional live hi-hats and snares that play across the track in smart, considered movements, resulting in a slow burner that will keep the heads nodding.

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— Anthony Wilson

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